MB210 Compact Subwoofer

Product Overview
Bose Professional MB210 compact subwoofers are designed for background/foreground music and small sound-reinforcement systems that require low-frequency extension down to 37 Hz. The MB210 subwoofer features two (2) 10-inch high-excursion woofers, derived from the award-winning Bose Professional F1 subwoofer, in a compact, Baltic-birch plywood enclosure optimized for fixed-installation applications. Featuring outstanding performance to size […]

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Hobbs Brook Management LLC, Sound Masking Customer Testimonial

Reducing Distractions and Protecting Speech Privacy at a Commercial Real Estate and Property Management Firm

Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of sound masking solutions. One of the most common ways we help businesses is by implementing direct-field sound masking equipment throughout offices to help reduce and eliminate unwanted audible noises, especially in […]

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Polycom RealPresence Debut

Huddle rooms, or small meeting spaces, are common workspaces for collaboration. But the way people work has evolved, and many huddle rooms are audio-visually challenged. There are 50M estimated huddle rooms around the world and an estimated increase of 400& in group video usage by 2019! As organizations adapt to support the new ways people […]

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Polycom RealPresence Debut

Discover how Polycom® RealPresence Debut™ powers enterprise-grade video for smaller rooms, including huddle rooms. Quick to set up, easy to use, wired or wireless sharing, and cloud optimized, it’s the collaboration solution that will give small meetings big results. This new product offers enterprise-class video, audio and content experiences at an affordable price with an […]

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Help Your Company Make Critical Decisions In ALL Environments

Polycom understands that sometimes, important meetings can’t wait for the next open conference room. With the RealPresence Group Series, Polycom has provided the everyday decision-maker with the ability to hold virtual meetings wherever, whenever. Polycom now makes collaboration happen anywhere people need to meet, with an easy, clear, and intuitive user experience. Share content, voice, […]

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Skype for Business with RealPresennce Group Series is Here!

Learn how Polycom’s unique native integration with Skype for Business makes RealPresence Group the video conferencing solution of choice for Microsoft environments. Get speed, clarity and convenience in any business conference!

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The Power of Sound- Where Mozart Makes Wine Taste Better

In a vineyard in Montalcino, Italy, wine maker Carlo Cignozzi believes that the constant playing of Mozart from 80 Bose speakers scattered throughout the vineyard is as important to the growth process of the grapes “as the winter rains and the spring sun.” He claims that the music influences the grapes by growing two weeks […]

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Polycom EagleEye Producer Demo

Take a look at one of our newest products, the Polycom Eagle Eye. This camera provides the ultimate experience to optimize video collaboration. It is designed to adapt to the environment it is filming. This camera will change the way you video conference and will bring ease to your group meetings by providing an even […]

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FreeSpace DS Loudspeaker Family

The Bose® FreeSpace® DS loudspeakers are a family of high-quality loudspeakers engineered to provide three distinct levels of audio performance for a wide range of background and foreground music applications. These versatile surface-mount and flush-mount loudspeakers easily integrate into sound systems – indoors and outside – with flexible mounting hardware and optional installation accessories. Complete […]

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New Year, New Products! Hello 2017

View our New Inventory for 2017!
Mood Media FCC prides itself on providing cutting edge technology for businesses just like yours. Our inventory is ever-changing to stay competitive and offer you the best AV products on the market. Please take a moment to view the new products added to our inventory for 2017!

Samsung® LCD’s
We offer a […]

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